Artist of the Month

Teen Essay Winner Selected as Artist of the Month
By Arts Council Menifee


Kacie Gammill is an accomplished writer, musician and artist and she is only 13.

Each month Arts Council Menifee selects an artist to be honored, and for March the group decided to chose someone representing creative writing and literary arts.

Last year, the Hans Christensen Middle School seventh-grader submitted an essay to Arts Council Menifee’s Literary Arts Division contest and was chosen as its top winner. Writing on a subject that many writers twice and three times her age would find difficult, Kacie’s maturity and introspective perspective made hers a stand out.

“Although there are several conflicts in the world, I feel that awareness and corrective actions to fix these world-wide problems would benefit people and open their eyes to all that is taken for granted,” Kacie wrote in her introduction of “What I Would Do To Make the World a Better Place” essay.

She focused on the issues of growth hormones, homelessness and starvation. Kacie feels that society has contributed to these problems and should take responsibility in correcting them. Her suggestions for resolution are to set up a cattle farm that is “guaranteed to be hormone free, thus attracting conscious consumers and leading other cattle farms to raise hormone-free cattle.” She proposes a homeless shelter to be built in every city as “a place for society’s downtrodden to rise to personal and societal expectations, find a job, start a family and live with confidence.” To help eradicate starvation in the world, Kacie thinks that countries whose populations suffer from obesity should donate one quarter of their food supply to those dying from hunger.

“Kacie was originally recognized for an essay on three things she would do to change the world but writing is not her true artistic passion,” said her mom, Katrina Gammill. “She draws, paints, but above all she is an excellent flautist.”

Kacie has been playing the flute since fifth grade at Freedom Crest Elementary and is second chair for flute with the Hans Christensen Middle School Symphonic Band.

“I always loved the beautiful texture of the sound over other instruments; it is very elegant,” she said. “I love the rich sounds in the higher octave.”

Kacie, who said she is currently focusing more on music than other creative pursuits, performed six songs at Disney California Adventure Park last month alongside her band mates.

“I’m definitely warming up to the public exposure,” Kacie said.

She practices at home and school and said playing flute takes a lot of breath control. A melody instrument, much of the music composed for it is classical. Kacie has also taught herself to play piano and paints and draws as often as she can.

“I mostly do oil paintings, though I have somewhat drifted away from that and at the moment am more interested in charcoal illustrations,” she said.

Kacie lives in Menifee with her parents, Jim and Katrina Gammill and her sister, Jamie, 3.